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Discord: VincentUndYumi (vincentundyumiuncut)

Vincent Yumi

Name: Vincent Yumi
Discord: VincentUndYumi (vincentundyumiuncut)
Age: 22 years
Art-Hashtag: #ArtToTimeTravel
Languages: Deutsch, Englisch
A boy with two faces, sometimes he's the yokai named "Vincent" and sometimes he's ... a girl named "Yumi"? As if that weren't interesting enough, he can influence this almost at the push of a button and some pretty confusing ones Evoke events. Be curious!


Just Chatting, Gameplay, Main Collab


RP, Action, Strategie

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Vincent Yumi´s Imprint
VirtualLifeDE - Vincent Yumi | GerVTuber @ VirtualLifeDE