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Discord: Raiko (raiko2002)

Raiko Sasarie

Name: Raiko Sasarie
Discord: Raiko (raiko2002)
Age: 21 years
Languages: Deutsch, Japanisch, Englisch
Hello, I'm Raiko, I know being creative and admit my real name as an online price, but well.
So about me there is only to say that I am very sleepy when I speak, many loud without emotion or to relax.
There are also bad reasons to do a collab with me. On Monday to Friday I stream quite spontaneously
Hope we get along well (if you go to the yt channel that's all sarcastic or don't take satire seriously) sry for my bad english


Meisten unbekannt game spielen, Lore schreiben, oder versuch karaoke,


Grandia, Digimon,

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VirtualLifeDE - Raiko Sasarie | GerVTuber @ VirtualLifeDE