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Discord: FallenNefion (fallennefion)


Name: fallennefion
Discord: FallenNefion (fallennefion)
Age: 27 years
Languages: Deutsch, Englisch
Hey, everyone.
I am FallenNefion, but you can just call me "Nefi".
The main focus of my streams are on gaming and creative. While streaming creative I often work on my model, overlays or similar things to improve the quality of my streams. Concerning games I dont have a clear preferance, but if I have to pick a mainfocus it would be MOBA (LoL), strategy (CIV6,TotalWar-Series) and RPGs (The Witcher 3, Skyrim, Dark Souls). Since I have a lot of more games that i cant list here, feel free to ask me about something specific.


Gaming, Creative

Social Media

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VirtualLifeDE - fallennefion | GerVTuber @ VirtualLifeDE