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Discord: Finch (pinkcloverbean)


Name: Clover
Discord: Finch (pinkcloverbean)
Languages: Englisch, Deutsch, Russisch
Am not the greatest at introductions buuut I'll try my best. Heya! I am Clover! I was once a rose bush that was turned human. By accident. By a very VERY dumb teddybear named Cotton. Anyways I am sure some gal out there is missing her chance at having magical abilities but look at me, human body? limbs? thumbs? Good stuff. I am squatting in an abandoned park now with my best friend Eppo. Eppo's a frog. I recently discovered a pc in a dumpster and was introduced to the magic of the internet. So I stream video games now! Cool, right? Anyways, I hope you have a good one! Stay soft!


Variety streamer


Indie, Horror, Farming sims, Oldschool

Social Media

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VirtualLifeDE - Clover | GerVTuber @ VirtualLifeDE