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Discord: Karusu Kurame#5684

Karusu Kurame

Name: Karusu Kurame
Discord: Karusu Kurame#5684
Age: 25 years
Art-Hashtag: #KurameArt
Languages: deutsch, englisch

I am Lord Admiral Karusu Kurame, GERVtuber and in exile on Vtuber Planet Earth to provide the best entertainment. My flagship is the "Salvation". By the way, my soul serves as a prison for the diabolical god dragon Laxarius.

I have a wide variety of games to watch.
The community and working together are very important to me. I am happy about everyone who wants to join my crew.




League of Legends, Genshin Impact, Valorant, Osu!, Hunt Showdown, Final Fantasy 14, Apex Legends

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