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Discord: Yura (yurayami)

Yura Yami

Name: Yura Yami
Discord: Yura (yurayami)
Age: 22 years
Languages: Deutsch
Hello, I am Yura Yami, an undead serial killer. Now you're probably wondering why I'm undead - something went terribly wrong during an murder attempt, which resulted in me being wounded in the mouth with a knife and dying. Fortunately, I was revived by a demoness student with an "enslavement ritual" gone wrong, which is why I am now connected to the demoness' life and possess her powers. The lore is shared on my Discord.


Games, Just Chatting, Reactions


Dead by Daylight, Paladins und mehr

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VirtualLifeDE - Yura Yami | GerVTuber @ VirtualLifeDE