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Discord: Felinara#6969

Felinara Nya

Name: Felinara Nya
Discord: Felinara#6969
Age: 170 years
Art-Hashtag: #Felinyart
Languages: Deutsch, Englisch

Hi hii~
I am Felinara, aka Feli and since a short time Vtuberin! I'm a sylveon kitsune, and yes, I also bite sometimes >:3
I stream in German as well as English, or both at the same time! I call my community my snacks~.
I'm NSFW inclined, so please be over 18!
My focus is on story-heavy games (such as Telltale), but I'm also open for Multiplayer-games!


Storyheavy Games, Drawing, Mutiplayer, MMORPG

Social Media

VirtualLifeDE - Felinara Nya | GerVTuber @ VirtualLifeDE