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Discord: nof∅xgvn (nof0xgvn)


Name: Rei
Discord: nof∅xgvn (nof0xgvn)
Languages: English, Deutsch
Hewwo, I'm nof∅xgvn, a f∅x on the internet. (no f∅x given. you can call me f∅x, f∅xy or Rei) I'm non-binary (they/them) and you will find variety gaming content on my channel in english (maybe sometimes german). Meow.

I am streaming to cure my anxiety and depression, get some talking down and keep me busy.

Talking to my chat helps me incredibly so I would be super happy if you would write something!! :3

eventually i want to make my own Live2D avatar but i am currently waiting for the art for it.

one of the things i want to do on this channel is playing all my steam games at least once because i have way too many games and i never played more than half of them.


Variety Gaming

Social Media

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VirtualLifeDE - Rei | GerVTuber @ VirtualLifeDE