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Discord: senpai_dabi (senpai_dabi)


Name: senpai_dabi
Discord: senpai_dabi (senpai_dabi)
Age: 21 years
Art-Hashtag: #Vtuber #Anime #Deutschland #Entspannt #Darkelv
Languages: German, English
Hi I'm the Dark Elf from Twitch. senpai_dabi ^^ here, I hope you already know me! If not! I am a Dark Elf and love to stream with you because you are the best and always love to watch and support me. and I love it when I redeem a rawr or Die daddy Voice or good boy/girl. I love anime and am a weeb/otaku ^^ out of passion even if you don't see it I love anime :D.
And I like to live with you ^^ if we watch each other live in my stream then say ruig Hi na you Dunkel Elf or others say to me also Gothic Prince xD which is also not bad xD But yes hope you still have a fool's day ahead of you ^^

The Dark Elf from twitch is out ^^


Gaming, reacting, Karaoke, Just Chatting

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