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Our VTubers


Hello everyone!
I am the Celastos. I'm glad you found your way here!
As you can see, I am a VTuber. I've been streaming since March and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I mainly stream gameplay from different games here. If you have any questions or requests, you can write to me at any time.
I hope to see you again on the stream :)

Shynno Scarlet

Hii <3,
I'm Shynno Scarlet, CEO of "Scarlet Research & Technology” and the “Scambit GmbH” and Fleet Admiral of the “YURI Fleet”. I like to stream gaming content as well as coding / technology content or I react to current tech videos.
I also developed the popular GerVTuber-Global-Chat for Discord, as well as some other Discord service bots, and the ttv/GerVTuber 24/7 info service on Twitch, which lists current streams from VTubers.
I am currently Network- & IT-Admin at VirtualLifeDE.
“Scambit GmbH” and “Scarlet Research & Technology” aren't real companies.
“YURI Fleet” is a gaming clan with it's main focus on Destiny 2.

Art-Hashtag: #ShynnoArt


Hello, my name ist Chrizzlees. I'm a friendly person, open to everything and find everything funny but I can also be mean. I love cheese.

Shiro Shirompp


Iku Pandaversum

Googel Please my German text,because my english is not the yellow from the egg XD thanks.

Yamato Yonu

I'm MrYonu, but of course you can also call me Yonu. I am a dragon born in the wrong world and raised by humans. I started streaming because of my exotic appearance to show other people that dragons really exist! I am a very energetic dragon and there is always something going on with me! I want to be friends with as many people as possible and someday travel the world!

Leqit Attack

Hello There,
I'm LeqitAttack and I've been streaming again on Twitch Gaming since February 12th, 2021.
In my spare time I like to watch anime.

Marcel Jokoder

Wonderful day.
I'm glad you're here I am a V-Tuber named Marcel 20 years old and I play different games from sandbox to all kinds of games.


Hello, I'm just a gamer and Weeb who likes to share his gameplay with others.


Hey, I'm Jaykun, and I'm not known for anything but maybe my bad singing voice

Art-Hashtag: #JaykunArt


Whaaaat's uppp :3
I'm Sushiii ^^
I'm half human and half sushi.
You wonder how this is possible ...?
I don't know myself xd

Foxgirl Crystal

Hi, I am Crystal! A very clumsy and fox-loving girl :3 On my channel you will find a lot about the topic gaming and how much i suck at them. I have various interest, so there is propably something interesting in store for everyone . Can't wait to have nice Conversations with you in my Streams! ^-^


Heyyy I'm xxDani05 and and I´m also VTuber. I mainly stream gameplay. I have been active for 2 months and I´m also active on Twitter. I'm a variety streamer and don't really have fixed games. My hobbies are actually swimming, gaming and I really enjoy watching animes.


always hungry and confused @_@

Tamaki Okami

Hi am Tamaki Okami
30 years young.
Love to play games.
Likes to read manga and watch anime too


I dont know what to say

Dozing Coffeecup

Hello & greetings.
I am your friendly neighborhood coffee mug, that likes puns, dad jokes and to grow edible plants, a few of them are sometimes less suitable for the human organism, but all the more important for various insects.
I am mainly creating relatively relaxed gaming content.


Hi, I'm Saraatea, the Demonqueen!
I'm half Demon, half Vampire and I love cookies and Cacao.
Even tho I am the Demonqueen I don't differ from any other normal mortal. I used my magic to transform myself to a female form tho it didn' work on my voice. I love laugh and to chat with others. :D


Hello her being from another world, I am Kanni a princess from a far away world, however I was brought here one day and I don't know why. From that point on, I had to settle here and I'll be honest, you have really cool inventions. After a while I came across the streaming platform Twitch and since then I think I've been a streamer. On Twitch I usually stream some funny games and am fully good in there Yes!!!! *Cough* *Cough*.

Karusu Kurame

I am Lord Admiral Karusu Kurame, GERVtuber and in exile on Vtuber Planet Earth to provide the best entertainment. My flagship is the "Salvation". By the way, my soul serves as a prison for the diabolical god dragon Laxarius.

I have a wide variety of games to watch.
The community and working together are very important to me. I am happy about everyone who wants to join my crew.

Art-Hashtag: #KurameArt


I am ikira or iggi/ikki and I am the disorientation in person with a small pinch of salt. ^-^
Sometimes you can see my face OwO

Harioko UwU

I'm nothing special in the VTuber scene, which is why I don't behave like a real VTuber. Nevertheless I have fun streaming and using a virtual character. I'm open to play any game, but mainly I only stream games that I enjoy. Actually I stream alone, but it often happens that I stream with viewers or other VTubers. But if I should stream in a group, I am rather the more quiet and mute and let the others speak ... (A little info about my name: It's a combination of gray and cat ... Gray, because I feel the color as quiet and cat, because the animal itself fits the color).


Welcome and I'm glad, that you've come here.
I'm Masamune and I'm streaming since 1/1/2020 and I'm using my VTuber avatar since 3/1/2021. My streams are mostly about gaming. I try to find a balance between skill and entertainment, sometimes it doesn't always work out, but I try my best! What also should be said is that my streams are pretty long, so instead of six hours I might do 10+ hours and still have enough energy and motivation to keep streaming. I would like to achieve with the streaming to build a solid community and also to support other VTubers with that community. If you want to know more about me, have questions or anything else, feel free to drop by my streams, otherwise I'm also reachable via Discord. I thank you for reading through and hopefully we will see each other again in the stream and have fun together!


As a unicorn I hid myself for years and after a while I was able to transform myself into a person and since then my name has been Mr_Einhorrn.

Kira Kuromori

Nyaa.. Hello and welcome!
I'm a crazy demoncat... i mean... half-demoncat and i will entertain you with my chaotic... me, myself.. whatever! Together we play videogames and being creativ is a thing too! I love to play various games and also to watch anime. Come over and have fun!


coming soon...

Sven Kiryu

work in progress!

Panda ThePandaJack

I am Speaking Panda which got a displaced from my Home. So I search all the bamboo what I can find to build a now Home which I called BambusWald. In My New Home everyone is welcome how is Fluffy


Hello, I am the guardian of the lost realm. For thousands of years I have been protecting access from people who are never allowed to enter the kingdom. I am about 42,000 years old


Heyy, I am Paddy a nice Dude :D You can have Lots of fun in my Streams bcs i will talk about everything bcs im not afraid to Tell you guys about special topics

Tyl Phumin

Yo, I am of Dragonblood but reborn in this alternate world with not only a twin but also a System. I am trying to accomplish the Systems task while fighting against it's countless debuffs.


Hi im the demon princess Yuki. I came from the depths of hell to collect some new souls....ehhhh i mean i want to entertain the humans *puts on a nice smile* :3


I'm the friendly lynx from your neighborhood. I'm not that good in videogames but im still tryharding in every. I just want to have fun and chilling streams ;3


Heya, here's Haru. POG
Your big sister you definitely didn't ask for.

I play stuff I feel like, also I am know to never go the dev inteded way.

Art-Hashtag: #HaruFArts


Heyo. My name is Roman, also known as "The R-Man", and I am a human (with god-like powers) from another dimension. Unfortunately, because I have lost those powers, I am now here to find a way back.

Art-Hashtag: #TheILLUSTMan


Hey i´m Emilia and i am bad in Games BUT at the same point rly Lost and funny if you like that why not watching me? KISS


I am Suneria, half cat half elf, yes I know strange combination, but where love falls. My father takes the role of the pretty elf, typical cliché. But my mother is also pretty! Well as a half-breed you just don't have such great experiences and therefore I can be a little quiet and shy sometimes, better be careful than lenient!
Nevertheless, I would like to make friends with everyone and spend a nice time :3

Art-Hashtag: #suniart


Hello, I'm Woolainy and I'm a mix of sheep and goat ("Schiege"). I'm a German VTuber who mostly streams MMOs, survival / horror games, Openworld RPGs and "Comfy" games, also with other streamers.

Vincent Tubers

A boy with two faces, sometimes he's the yokai named "Vincent" and sometimes he's ... a girl named "Yumi"? As if that weren't interesting enough, he can influence this almost at the push of a button and some pretty confusing ones Evoke events. Be curious!
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